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Summer 2007 8n9.07 048

Summer 2007 8n9.07 048



Kayakin FL Oct.06 044

Kayakin FL Oct.06 044

Swim Team Calendar 2024 (1).jpg

Head Coach - Jessica Gutwein

Assistant coaches - Holly Shertz, Noah McClung, Peter Dlugos 

Manager and co-treasurer - Molly McClung

Co-manager and Co-treasurer - Amy Smith

Apparel sales - Lara Wall

Fundraising - Melanie Palen

Concessions - Marybeth Stiles



We are very excited to announce Jessica Gutwein is returning as head coach. Returning as our assistant coaches are Holly Shertz, Peter Dlugos, and Noah McClung. They are all swimmers on the team and will alternate weeks.



June 8th - Last day to order FLST apparel 

June 21st - Open Mic Night starting at 5:30

June 24th - First day of practices 

June 28th - Mock meet and Team picture 5:30

July 21st - Bryam Cup @ Cranberry Lake

July 27th - Championships @ Tranquility / End of Year Picnic @ Cove Beach

*All swim meets against other teams are TBD*



Last year, there were 10 Teams. We took 3rd place in the WVSC Championships. Since the WVSC seems to be getting smaller, most likely there will be only one division instead of having a gold and silver.  We would like to continue being as competitive as possible, we ask that everyone tries their best to attend ALL swim meets. We understand that several families go away on vacation during the season BUT if you are not please do your best to have your swimmer attend swim meets. If transportation is a problem, please speak to Amy or Molly and they will assist you.


Each year, the WVSC chooses a charity to raise money. Then each team participates in a Swim-A-Long to raise money for that charity.  Does anyone have a charity in mind? Also, we are looking for a parent volunteer that will distribute donation forms, collect money, and put together candy prizes for swimmers that raise the most money and swim the most laps in their age groups.



Practices start Monday, June 24th. They are Monday thru Friday starting at 11 am and ending at 2pm. Coaches determine who will swim with which group, which may mean siblings will be split into different age appropriate practices. Evening Practices will be held every Wednesday at 5pm.  If at least 3 swimmers don’t sign up before 3pm that day, evening practice will be canceled. Swimmers must be in the 7-8 and above age groups to attend evening practice. These times are tentative and subject to change. Practice delays or cancellations will be sent thru email and/or Remind 101.

  • 11:00 - 12:00

    • 9-10 year olds, 45 - 60 minutes (swim 25s) 

    • 11-12 year olds, 45 - 60 minutes (swim 50s)

  • 12:00-1:00

    • 7-8 year olds, About 45 minutes (swim 25s)

    • 13 and up,  60 minutes (swim 50s) 

  • 1:00 or 1:30 

    • 6 and unders - 30 minutes (swim 25s) 

    • may need to be broken into smaller groups



We will have a mock meet and team picture on Friday, June 28th at 5:30pm. This is a great experience for first time swimmers to learn how a meet is run. For any parents that are new or nervous about volunteering, this is a great chance to get your feet wet. (Yes, that's a dad joke there.) We do not have the league calendar yet, but our first swim meet will most likely be either July 1st or 2nd. Since the league will most likely be one division, we may have 2 or possibly 3 swim meets in one week.  We request swimmers arrive by 5:30 for meets so we can take attendance and have warm ups. Meets start promptly at 6pm. If there is a change to the meet, families will be notified by email or through Remind 101. 


The Championship is our last meet of the season for those swimmers that qualify. Swimmers who don’t qualify can still come and cheer on their fellow swimmers! Championships are typically the last weekend in July so they’ll be Saturday, July 27th with a rain date on July 28th. This year Tranquility is hosting Championships.


The end of the year picnic will be the evening of the Championships. It is a potluck event for the swimmers and their families. 


At swim meets we need Timers, Marshaller, Stroke and Turn Judge, and Finish Judge.  Anyone can be a timer or a finish judge. Timers can even be split with another parent if one would like to do the 25s and another would like to do the 50s.  Stroke and turn judge needs to have knowledge and experience of the strokes.  We have a Referee: (Kevin), a Starter (Joe), Announcer (Audra), Computer (Amy), and Ribbons (Bekki).  A Sign Up Genius will be sent out before the first meet. 


We have a concession stand at every home meet where we sell hamburgers/hot dogs, buttered noodles, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, salad, candy, desserts, and other items. A Sign Up Genius will be sent out before each meet.  Marybeth is looking to step down from concessions after this year so we are looking for a volunteer to shadow her this year and take over for her next year.



Bathing suits will be available for purchase on only. By registering with the team and purchasing online you will become a swimoutlet member. Therefore you will get a discounted price on the suit as well as other swim gear on the site. The team gets a small portion of the proceeds from the suit sales. Try on suits are available in a select number of sizes. Please reach out to Amy Smith ( if you would like to schedule a try on. The style and design will be used for multiple years. 

Swimsuit Link



Apparel can be ordered online. The window for ordering swim team apparel is until June 8th. The store will open again later in the season. *Please consider ordering swim team apparel sooner rather than later so it reaches you in time for the season. They can be delivered to our apparel head, Lara Wall, who will distribute the merchandise. Club apparel will also be available soon. 

FLST Apparel Sales Link



If you are a local business owner or know of a local business who would like to sponsor the team please reach out to Melanie Palen. If you would like to personally donate to the team that can be arranged too.



This is one of our biggest fundraisers. This year it will be Friday, June 21, Pre-show starts at 5:30 at Main Beach.  Spread the word! Anyone can attend, this is not limited to lake members. Please let Molly know if anyone in your family is musically inclined and would like to perform. All proceeds go to the Forest Lakes Swim Team.



Since last year’s swim meet versus Cranberry and Lackawanna was a huge success, Cranberry Lake would like to host this event again on July 21st.   This exposition meet will be a fun time for everyone to swim against their friends from other lakes.

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