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We always appreciate more help in keeping FLC beautiful!
If you are interested in joining one of the committees or clubs below,
please let us know!
Beach Committee

Chairperson: Gary Branning

Board Liaison: Gary Branning

Fishing Club

Co- Chairperson: Randy Palen

& Randy Gutwein

Board Liaison: Joe Watkins


Chairperson: Dorothy Gorman

Board Liaison: Jeff Vincent

Facilities Committee

Chairperson: Dorothy Gorman

Board Liaison: Gary Branning

Garden Club

Chairperson: Jack Quirk

Board Liaison: Debbie Devenny


Chairperson: Kristin Vincent

Children's Rec. Chairperson: Amy Smith

Board Liaison: Gary Branning


Chairperson: Luke Wolters

Board Liaison: Jeff Vincent/Luke Wolters

Nursery School

Chairperson: Molly McClung

Board Liaison: Jared McCall

Swim Team

Chairperson: Molly McClung

Chairperson: Susan McCall

Board Liaison: Jared McCall

Tree Planting

Chairperson: Debby Devenny

Board Liaison: Dorothy Gorman

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